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Mask Collection

Effective anti-aging, deep hydration, powerful brightening.

Drops of Pure Essence
Borne of the finest biotechnology bonded with high-purity raw natural ingredients. Both power and elegance in one, efficiency and relaxation – an innovative departure from the norm that celebrates the inherent value in natures gifts.
The ultimate luxury care in just one 15 minute application. Pure essence delivers potent active ingredients directly to the skin.

Marine Boost Collagen – The Ultimate Black Luxury Mask
Our famous black paper mask. Age is frozen by ultra pure marine extracts, the distilled essence of Antarctic Glaciers providing miraculous collagen inducing benefits. Skin is hydrated immediately and continuously for 48 hrs.
The ultimate black luxury experience with results in 15 minutes.

Hydra Ampoule – Ampoule power in a mask
The same essence as our famous ampoule in mask form – restore and nourish skin with efficiency.
Bio-Placenta Peptides derived from patented biotechnology combine with luscious Rainforest Harvest to deliver pure nutrients to the skin.
The effectiveness of an ampoule in a mask.

Super Whitening – Creator of opulence
Moisture boost and brightening power delivered directly to the skin for a light and luminous complexion. Provides an enlightening and antioxidant transformation with super-fruit Kakadu plum, the worlds richest source of Vitamin C.
Creates opulent, beautified skin.

The Experience
A beautifully holographic package disperses essence perfectly.
Carefully apply the mask to your face in a smoothing motion, ensuring all areas are covered. Leave for 15 minutes as the essence permeates the skin. Remove mask and massage any remaining essence into the skin.